Be the One Spring 2021

YOU are a vital link in our goal to raise $126,000 this spring!

Spring Event Schedule

  • Spring Art Show for SAFEchild– Four women physicians who also are artists are donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of their beautiful, colorful paintings to SAFEchild. Find an online gallery and donation page here.
  • Spring Photos for SAFEchild – Here’s an opportunity for beautiful springtime family portraits, thanks to SAFEchild board member Evan Pushchak and his wife, Shelby. This event will be Saturday, May 8 from 9:30am-11am at Fred Fletcher Park in Raleigh. Registerhere.

Organizer’s Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in organizing a personal fundraising and awareness campaign for SAFEchild this spring!

This toolkit is your one-stop guide to success. Here in one place you will find tips, resources, compelling facts to share with your supporters, and links to graphics and videos. If you have any questions at all during the planning process, please contact Anna Jackson at

Step 1 – Register Your Fundraiser

We plan to raise $126,000 and awareness of SAFEchild this spring through three main avenues: 1) an email campaign; 2) the “100 for SAFEchild” Challenge; and 3) virtual events organized by YOU, our supporter!

With an ambitious fundraising target, we need as many feet on the ground as possible! So that we can support you in your efforts, it is critical that you complete our fundraiser registration form, which is linked below.

Step 2 – Plan Your Fundraiser to Focus on Success

Email campaign

More details here

100 for SAFEchild Challenge

More details here

Virtual Event

More detailshere

Step 3 – Tell the SAFEchild Story

Once you have completed initial planning, amplify your fundraiser by sharing the SAFEchild story. These compelling facts and figures can help you craft your message.

The Facts

SAFEchild annually protects 13,000 children, empowers 1,650 parents through education and support programs, and guides 12,000 Wake County first graders through the school-based Funny Tummy Feelings program.

$0.87 of every $1.00 donated to SAFEchild goes directly to program support.

Over the next two years, the federal government is expected to reallocate grant funding typically used to cover expenses for key SAFEchild programs. The anticipated shortfall of $275,000 per year equates to a loss of 200 children’s medical evaluations annually.

Looking for some COVID-specific facts to share?

Pre-COVID, 1 in 7 women experienced a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD). Since the onset of COVID and its subsequent restrictions, that statistic has ballooned to 1 in 3 women. Possible reasons driving this increase are pandemic-related isolation and anxiety. This uptick in numbers motivated SAFEchild to launch a Tuesday morning Moms Supporting Moms (MSM) program that complements the Thursday evening MSM program.

This uptick in numbers motivated SAFEchild to launch a Tuesday morning Moms Supporting Moms (MSM) program that complements the Thursday evening MSM program.

Since March 2020, SAFEchild staff has called law enforcement twice after hours (in the evening) to conduct a safety and wellness check.

Thanks to our strong collaboration with 14 Wake County law enforcement jurisdictions, in both cases the response was swiftly facilitated and safety for the children and adults involved was soon restored.

Wake County has had two infant fatalities already in 2021 in which concern for abuse and neglect were noted as the reason for the fatalities.

The number of children evaluated at the SAFEchild Advocacy Center was almost double the monthly average in October 2020 (42) and January 2021 (36).

The medical team has accommodated these spikes by adding “urgent” appointments on Mondays and Fridays, outside the normal appointment schedule, and adding a medical provider to the team.

Amplify your message even more with our colorful graphics and compelling videos!

Step 4 – Direct Your Supporters to SAFEchild’s Online Donation Page

The SAFEchild story is a compelling one – made all the more so when you share with your network of friends, family and colleagues why you choose to support us.

As you execute your email campaign, 100 for SAFEchild challenge or virtual event, make sure to direct people to our online donation page –

As your supporters complete our donation form, they will have the opportunity to let us know they are giving for your fundraiser. We will send you periodic updates so you will know your progress toward your fundraising goal.

When your friends and family join you in your mission to Be the One for SAFEchild, they become part of the story as well – and we are that many steps closer to eliminating abuse in Wake County!