Circle of Security Parenting

A parent education program that focuses on building a sense of security and confidence in our children

Circle of Security Parenting is for:

Parents or caregivers of children from birth through teens.

Program focus:

Parents will learn how to:

  • Talk with their children so they wil listen and cooperate.
  • Strengthen their relationships with their children.
  • Be present with their children during both the best and the toughest of times.
  • Recognize their children’s needs and make sense of their behavior.
  • Learn how to identify barriers to being able to communicate and guide their children effectively.
Program details:

  • Length – Once a week for 10 weeks; each class is 2 hours
  • Locations All SAFEchild parenting programs are online through Zoom until further notice
  • Day and time – Daytime and evening groups are offered
  • Cost – No charge

Program Coordinator

Laura Brimberry, MSW; 919.743.6140

Please fill out a program registration form for yourself or someone you are referring to SAFEchild.