Be the One Spring 2021 – Email Campaign

Your Personalized Email Campaign

Last year’s Child Abuse Prevention Month email campaign was highly successful – thanks to participation from all of our board members and much of the SAFEchild staff. We want to broaden our reach even more this year with our Be the One campaign!

Like last year, we will provide you with an email template, a list of contacts, and plenty of talking points for follow-up.

We encourage you to expand the email campaign by tapping into your personal contacts as well and telling your friends, family and colleagues why YOU invest your time and financial resources in SAFEchild. Personalization is the best way to gain support.

As you plan your personalized email, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Take our email template and add your SAFEchild story.
  • Gather your recipient email addresses (beyond those we will provide you)
  • Send your first emailas close to April 1 as possible.
  • Do not “bcc” the email – send your emails one by one, and use the donor’s first name in the greeting.
  • If you have separate email addresses for partners/spouses, send an email to each person.
  • State your individual fundraising goal – $3,500 – prominently in the final paragraph of the email and remember to include a link to SAFEchild’s donation page!
  • One week later, senda reminder email (your contacts will appreciate it – we promise)
  • Once the campaign has concluded, send thank you notes.
  • Congratulations! You’re that much closer to helping SAFEchild reach our $126,000 goal!