Funny Tummy Feelings

A school-based program that empowers first graders to protect themselves from abuse

Funny Tummy Feelings is for:

The 13,000-plus early elementary students in Wake County’s public schools, as well as several private and charter schools.

Program focus:

  • Teaching children how to protect themselves from physical and sexual abuse.
  • Distinguishing between pleasant and unpleasant emotions (those funny tummy feelings).
  • The differences between good and not-so-good secrets.
  • Which parts of our bodies are private.
  • When and how to say “no” effectively.
  • How to identify and select trustworthy, supportive adults, or “special people.”
  • Trained facilitators present the interactive and engaging one-hour program.

Program details:

Presentation length – One hour

Locations – Public, private and charter schools in Wake County

Day and time – Determined by individual school schedules

Tips for Parents from Funny Tummy Feelings

The Funny Tummy Feelings program presents important concepts to early elementary students, enabling them to recognize and protect themselves from physical or sexual abuse.

Share this summary of the program with your children:

  • Trust what your body is telling you about your funny tummy feelings (emotions);
  • If someone tells you a secret, you get to decide whether or not to keep the secret;
  • Your special adults can help you if you talk to them;
  • You have a right to say no, even to a grown-up, if someone is asking you to do something that is harmful or makes you feel unpleasant.

Please contact your school counselor or Funny Tummy Feelings program coordinator Elizabeth Clark at with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the program named Funny Tummy Feelings?

Funny Tummy Feelings is an age-appropriate term used to describe human emotions to young children. One goal of the Funny Tummy Feelings program is to help children recognize the ways that their bodies talk to them through their emotions.

Why do children need to learn about physical, emotional and sexual abuse?

Prevention is the best tool available to decrease the number of children experiencing abuse. The unfortunate reality is that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 children will become victims of abuse or neglect. Funny Tummy Feelings teaches children to recognize abuse, talk about abuse and, most importantly, know that abuse is unacceptable.

Can Funny Tummy Feelings come to my child’s school?

The Wake County Public School System has proactively integrated Funny Tummy Feelings into its social-emotional learning curriculum at the first-grade level. That means every student attending a Wake County public school will receive the lessons of Funny Tummy Feelings in first grade. In addition, several private and charter schools in Wake County have added Funny Tummy Feelings to their curriculum. If your child’s school hasn’t adopted Funny Tummy Feelings, we would like to work with you to make that happen!

My children are educated at home. How can they participate in Funny Tummy Feelings?

SAFEchild welcomes the opportunity to present Funny Tummy Feelings to home-schooled children. Ideally, we would work with an organization or coalition to arrange presentations that would enable SAFEchild to empower as many children as possible.

Can you present Funny Tummy Feelings to my child’s Scout troop, sports organization, faith-based program or other community group?

SAFEchild works closely with many youth-serving organizations in our community. If we aren’t yet partnering with your organization, we look forward to hearing how we can get involved.

Is it possible to have Funny Tummy Feelings presented outside of Wake County?

Soon! SAFEchild is working toward expanding Funny Tummy Feelings within and beyond Wake County. Please contact Elizabeth Clark, Funny Tummy Feelings program coordinator, at, if you are interested in having Funny Tummy Feelings in your community.

Can Funny Tummy Feelings be presented to age groups other than first graders?

While written for children between the ages of five and eight, Funny Tummy Feelings has been successfully adapted for other age groups. We’d be happy to discuss ideas related to your needs.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Let’s talk! All children deserve to know how to protect themselves from abuse. Contact Elizabeth Clark, Funny Tummy Feelings program coordinator, at or 919.232.5699 to discuss your specific questions.

Program coordinator
Elizabeth Clark; 919.232.5699

Watch this ABC11 report on the Funny Tummy Feelings program that aired on November 12, 2019.