Halloween Safety Tips

Keep Halloween the fun holiday it is supposed to be by following these safety tips


1. Wear light-colored clothing when possible.

2. If not possible, apply reflective strips/appliqués to costume.

3. Carry a flashlight and/or light stick.

4. Be sure your child can walk easily in his or her costume without tripping.

5. Your child should be able to see clearly and completely through any head coverings.

6. Be careful around any flames, especially when walking past jack-o-lanterns on a windy night.


Trick or treating

1. Always trick or treat with a buddy or, even better, a group of friends.

2. At least one adult or responsible older teenager (minimum 15-16 years of age) should accompany any group of children.

3. Walk from place to place, staying with your group, checking for traffic, staying on sidewalks or the far side of the road, allowing plenty of time to cross all roads.

4. Visit only the homes of people known and trusted by your family.

5. Never enter anyone’s home – remain at the doorstep.

6. Tell the adult or older teen if anyone suggests that you come into his or her home or asks you to do anything you think is wrong or makes you feel uncomfortable.

7. Trick or treat during the early hours of the evening – finish by 8:30pm.


At home

1. Have an adult or responsible older teen check all candy once you have returned home.

2. Throw away any candy or treats that are unwrapped, in a wrapper whose seal has been broken or looks tampered with, in a wrapper that has been punctured in any way, or in homemade wrapping unless your family knows and trusts the person who gave it to you.