In Honor of Dr. Margaret Douglas


Dr. Margaret Douglas has been a passionate and committed supporter of SAFEchild for many years. She believes we must do all we can, to the best of our ability, to prevent child abuse or protect a child who has been harmed.  As she would say – “not on my watch, not in my community.”


Wake County has been and is so lucky to have Margaret. While she will be missed on the front lines of pediatric radiology, I am certain we can find a role for her in the child advocacy world, with all she has yet to contribute and teach.


Dr. Betty Witman

Medical Director

SAFEchild Advocacy Center


In addition to being a skilled and caring pediatric radiologist (founding the specialty in Raleigh), Dr. Margaret Douglas has been a tremendous asset to our community, contributing her energy, talent and passion to SAFEchild and other organizations. She also has been a great mentor and friend to me and many others.  She recruited me both to Raleigh and to SAFEchild.  Those decisions turned out to be even more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.


On behalf of the next generations of pediatric radiologists and SAFEchild board members, I am honored to support this fund and express my gratitude to Dr. Douglas.


Dr. Brent Townsend

Pediatric Radiologist, Wake Radiology UNC Rex Healthcare

SAFEchild board member, 2015-2020

Thank you for donating to SAFEchild in honor of Dr. Margaret Douglas as she retires from Wake Radiology UNC Rex Healthcare.  Please complete this simple, secure form to make a credit card donation. Once you have submitted your gift, we will immediately email you a receipt of your tax-deductible contribution.