Spring Art Show for SAFEchild

We are excited to extend our Spring Art Show to feature art from four women physicians: Dr. Marie Ambroise Thigpen, a SAFEchild board member and medical director of Neonatology at UNC Rex Healthcare; Dr. Nirali Dubal, a local pediatrician at Healthpark Pediatrics; Dr. Alya Jawaid, a physician in Minnesota; and Dr. Connie Hinkle, a physician in Tennessee.

Three of the artists – Drs. Thigpen, Jawaid and Hinkle – are part of a Facebook group of women physicians who are also artists. Sharing their work with each other has been essential for building community in the last year of extended time at home.

All four artists are donating 100% of the proceeds from this art show’s sales to SAFEchild. Several of the pieces are framed; shipping for all of the art is free in the United States.

We hope you find an original piece of art from the gallery below for yourself or someone special. If you’d to purchase a piece, please simply fill out the donation form below.

Thank you for supporting SAFEchild and the children and families of Wake County through your purchase of this beautiful art!

Please feel free to contact us at hcook@safechildnc.org or 919-232-5697 with any questions.

Dr. Marie Ambroise Thigpen

Sunset beach
8×10 acrylic on canvas framed $100

Bouquet of happy

Bouquet of Happy. 8x10 acrylic on canvas panel, $100 unframed v2

Floral joy

Burst of Sun. 6x8 acrylic on canvas board. $55 unframed v2

Burst of sun


Geranium mania

Dr. Alya Jawaid

10×7.5, mixed ink, graphite and pastel on watercolor paper unframed $200

7.8×5.8, ink on paper $50

Manto by the Window
13.5×10 watercolor on paper unframed $100

Queen B
9×14 mixed media, pastel and watercolor on paper unframed $100

Sunset by the Road
11×7, watercolor on paper unframed $50

Dr. Connie Hinkle


Dr. Nirali Dubal

Trust the process

Trust the process

5×5 mixed media; framed $75

5×5 mixed media; framed $75

Spring smiles
5×5 mixed media; framed $75

16×20 canvas $400

Rumi wisdom 1 and 2
each 8×8 mixed media; framed 12×12 $150

Dreams come true

Mist in the meadow
9×12, mixed media, framed $100

Castle mystery
9×12; framed 10×13 $100

Love is your language
5×5 (pre-framed), mixed media, framed $75

Baby bunny
8×8; framed 10×10 $75

Best friends
9×12, framed $75

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