Be the One Spring 2021 – Virtual Event

Plan a Virtual Event

Limitations on in-person gatherings have created significant fundraising challenges, but they have also provided the opportunity for many different types of fun and successful virtual events!

If you have chosen to raise funds for SAFEchild through a virtual event, thank you! Still searching for an event idea? Here are some options that SAFEchild board or committee members have researched or executed:

  • A wine tasting or “Wine Down” gathering
  • Sip & paint (e.g., Wine & Design)
  • A virtual cooking class or a special SAFEchild cheese box with a lesson on making your own charcuterie board
  • A cookie/cupcake decorating class for adults, kids, parent/child
  • A virtual fitness event (workout, discussion on healthy eating or sleep, etc.)
  • A virtual happy hour
  • An online game night – Pictionary, trivia, bingo, etc. – find some tips in this article
  • A virtual art class with a local artist
  • A virtual concert – know any budding musicians?
  • A virtual gardening workshop

Be creative and think outside the box!

Once you have decided on an event and have registered it with us, follow these tips for success:

Decide which virtual platform you will use – Zoom, Google Meet and Facebook Portal are all good options.

How will you raise funds for SAFEchild? Will you have a ticketed event, receive donations only, or offer a combination?

Please note that we can build your event ticket page on our platform without no additional charges to your guests! Please let us help you!

Create your guest list. If you are having a private event for your friends, family and colleagues, that is under your control. If, however, you want your event to be “come one, come all,” then make sure to utilize social media and take advantage of SAFEchild’s large following so that we can help promote your event.

Send your invitations. More than likely, you’ll do this electronically via email, Facebook, Evite or some other virtual method.

If you haven’t already, make friends with Google and explore your options. The more excited you look as a host, the more likely your friends will join you for your event. For example, has some really neat ideas for virtual invitations, many of them free.

Collect those RSVPs and plan, plan, plan. Then host your well-planned, well-executed, wildly successful event!

REMEMBER Your main reason for this event is to raise critical funds for SAFEchild’s programs, so make sure to schedule an “ask” into your program and provide a link to SAFEchild’s donation page. We can also offer a text-to-give option for your guests. Just ask us!

Post-event, take a breath and celebrate! This is very important – take time to thank your attendees! We can provide you with stationery or postcards if you’d like to send traditional notes, or use our thank you email template provided in the toolkit.