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Program Volunteers

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent need to maintain physical distancing, SAFEchild is not currently training and scheduling children’s facilitators for our parenting programs.

The only volunteers we are placing at this time are for our Moms Supporting Moms program.

All volunteers in this support and mentoring program must be moms of at least a 1-year-old. Further, to best meet the needs of the participating moms, we are looking for volunteers who also: 1) speak Spanish; 2) are culturally diverse; or 3) are teens.

If you meet these criteria and are interested in serving as an MSM volunteer, please contact Claudia Cortina-Czap, volunteer coordinator, at ccortinaczap@safechildnc.org.

Volunteer “Remotely” – for Individuals and Groups

Some of SAFEchild’s most meaningful volunteer opportunities for groups as well as individuals involve helping out from home or the office.

  • Knit or crochet a purple cap for a newborn. These sweet caps become part of a care basket given to new mothers joining our Moms Supporting Moms programs and serve as a reminder of the Period of PURPLE Crying. Find instructions for creating the caps here.
  • Make a no-sew double-sided fleece blanket (aka “comfort cape”). These fun and easy to make cozy blankets are given to children who have disclosed abuse and been evaluated at the SAFEchild Advocacy Center. This is a great individual, family or group project.
  • Hold a supply drive for SAFEchild in your neighborhood, company, civic group or church. We need paper products, cleaning supplies and certain children’s and (moms’) books and games. Find more information on our wish list page.

If you or your corporate or civic group is interested in serving SAFEchild remotely in one or more of these special ways, please contact Holly Cook at hcook@safechildnc.org or 919.232.5697 to receive more information and instruction sheets (if applicable). Thank you!