Welcome Baby and Moms Supporting Moms

Support and mentoring for new mothers and their families

Phone support for moms and their families is available
via a “warmline” at 919.454.6946 – or text 910.898.2139

Welcome Baby is for:

First-time mothers wanting mom-to-mom support and mentoring.

Program focus

  • Understanding the baby’s needs, feeding and infant care.
  • Learning about growth and development.
  • Exploring community resources that are available to the family.

Program details

  • Length – New moms will meet or communicate with their mentor for one year.
  • Location – The mom and mentor meet at home or at a park, museum or other location in the community.
  • Cost – No charge

Program coordinator  

Michelle Putterman, RN, PHN

mputterman@safechildnc.org; 919.232.5664

Moms Supporting Moms is for:

New mothers (first-time and experienced) suffering from anxiety or depression related to a postpartum mood disorder – a clinical diagnosis is not required.

Program focus

  • Support from other moms in the form of an in-person weekly support group or an online group led by trained facilitators who have themselves recovered from a postpartum mood disorder.
  • Additional information, support and resources from medical advisers such as pediatricians, social workers and sleep consultants.
  • A quarterly support group for family members.

Program details

  • Length – Support is ongoing and is available as long as needed.
  • Location – In-person groups meet at Mid-Carolina OB/GYN, located next to Rex Hospital.
    Online groups meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm.
    Contact program coordinator Megan Roberts at mroberts@safechildnc.org for details.
  • Additional support – Warmline at 919.454.6946; text support line at 910.898.2139.
  • Cost – No charge

Program coordinator 

Megan Roberts, MA, MFA

mroberts@safechildnc.org; 910.262.0326

Please fill out a program inquiry form for yourself or someone you are referring to SAFEchild.

Important note for emergencies: If you or someone you know needs immediate medical attention due to extreme symptoms (suicidal thoughts or psychosis), call 911 or take the mother to the emergency room immediately. Postpartum psychosis is an extremely rare event that occurs in less than 1 percent of new mothers and is not to be confused with postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.