SAFEchild’s New Home
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Because of YOU, SAFEchild’s Champion Our Children campaign raised $11,105,000, surpassing our $11 million goal!

Our bold dream of building a new home for SAFEchild to reach more children and families in our community is fulfilled.

This significant new chapter of SAFEchild’s story is possible because of generous gifts from 425 Champions for Children between the fall of 2021, when the campaign launched, and its completion in early 2024.

Immediate Impact

Staff moved into the building in October 2023 and immediately began expanding programs. Children and families in Wake County are already benefiting from SAFEchild’s move to this much larger, unified space.

SAFEchild Champions for Children

Visionary - $1 million+

Wake County – $2 million

City of Raleigh – $1 million

Kim & Fielding Miller Foundation – $1 million

Believer - $500,000+

AJ Fletcher Foundation

Fred and Annette Anderson and Family

State Employees’ Credit Union Foundation

Temple Sloan Family Foundation

Protector - $250,000+


The Leon Levine Foundation


Nurturer - $100,000+

4 Others Foundation

Fenwick Foundation

First Citizens Bank

Friends of Philip Redwine

Friends of Rachel Smith

Brenda & Ron Gibson

Samantha & Greg Hatem

Jennie Hayman

John William Pope Foundation

The Lonnie & Carol Poole Family Foundation

Lyn Maness

Martin Marietta Materials

Anita & George Pinther

Lindsay & Ben Steel

Beth & James Voltz

Wake Stone Corporation

White Memorial Presbyterian Church

William C. Ethridge Foundation

Mary Brent & Bob Wright

Mentor - $50,000+

Virginia & Michael Anthony

Bourke Services LLC

Cannon Foundation

Drs. Margaret & Rans Douglas

Phil & Beth Lambert Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

Margaret & John Prim

Williams Realty & Building Co.

Carole & Brad Wilson

Judy & Steve Zelnak

Steward - $25,000+

Heather Ashe

Ralph Ashworth

Holly & Bill Blanton

Sue & Steve Bolick

Marisa & Joshua Bryant

Kimberly & Chuck Burnside

Hope & Randy Carmichael

Carolina Community Development Corporation

Elizabeth & Darren Clark

First Horizon Foundation

Charles W. Gaddy & Lucy Finch Gaddy Endowment Fund

Jill & Roland Gammon

GH Jordan Family Foundation

Heritage Property Management

Hillsdale Fund

Larry Young Hines

Anna & Clay Jackson

Chancy & Keith Kapp

Rebecca & Ronald Kopplin

Carol & Robert Newcomb

North State Bank

Sheila Ogle

Dr. Sallie Permar & Matt Ferraguto

Mary Ann Poole

Megg & Robert Rader

Ann Brooke & Charles Raynal

Joanne & Bob Schanz

Erin & George Seamen

Alexandra Shekita

Mary Dee & Mike Smith

Elizabeth Stephenson

Pam & Jeff Stocks

Storr Office Environments

Anne & Robert Underwood

W. Trent Ragland Jr. Foundation

Partner - $10,000+

Chip Anderson

Joan & Prentiss Baker

Dr. Jerry Bernstein

Laura & David Brody

Sloane & Howard Brooks

Allison & Matt Cain

Clancy & Theys Construction Company

Chrissy & Rob Barnhill Foundation

Christina Coffey/The Coffey Family

Marcia & Mark Davis

Cristin & Frank DeRonja

Stacy & Barry Dunn

Scott & Nicole Foster

Christine & Staley Gentry

Katherine Anne Hamlin & William Hamlin

Barbara & Charles Helton

Melissa & Eric Hobbs

Nancy & Fred Hutchison

Joe Moore & Company Inc.

Mary June & Henry Jones

Greer & Chuck Lysaght

Jane & Tom Mann

Neill McLeod

Mary & Bill Moss/moss+ross

Debra & John Ratliff

Christine & George Reddin

Kiki & Chris Roberson

Jackie & Jon Rufty

Molly & Matt Schanz

Katherine & Jeffery Schotmiller

Melanie Shekita

Susan & Kevin Sink

Town of Apex

Whitney von Haam

Amy & Lee Whitman

Beth & Julian Williamson

Ally- $5,000+

Bell Cook Family Foundation

Courtney & Charlie Bell

Dorothea & Geff Bitler

Stephanie & Jerry Bynum

Ellen & Henry Campen

Chicago Title Insurance Company

Marion Church

Debbie & Sheldon Fox

Sara & Tom Graves

Grubb Ventures

Rebecca & HH Hancock

Mig & Jim Hardy

Kelly & Spence Huffstetler

Mary Long Jarrell

Pam & Karl Kelly

Tracy & William Kimbrell

Mary & René Lorenz

Danielle & Sean Mehaffey

Michael Minotti

Mary & Mike Patterson

Ashley & Sterling Perkinson

Debbie & Connell Radcliff

Replogle Family Foundation

Anne & Bill Sena

Vino Russo Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

Stacie Walker

Mary Elizabeth & Alex Wilson

Alisa Wright Colopy & Travis Wright Colopy

Friend - up to $4,999

Tucker & Wes Andrews

Advanced Drywall

A.E. Finley Foundation

Nancy & Frank Baird

Diane Bald

Ashleigh & Peyton Black

Audrey & Jimmy Black

Trina & Tom Blanton

Bodwin Realty Group

Margaret & Leslie Boney

Mary & Julian Bossong

Suzanne Brooks

Barbara & Nelson Bunn

Linda & Dean Butler

Byrd-Cannon Holdings

Laura Case

Janet & Wes Chesson

Maria & Tom Childrey

Karen & Daniel Chilton

Joyce & William Clark

Deb Clarke

Lori & Mike Constantino

Kelly & Graham Day

Marion & Bill Deerhake

Linda Douglas

Sara DuChon

Tiffany & Olly Duckett

Anne & Jonathan English

Duke & Rose Finley

First Bank

Fitzgerald Family Fund

Olivia & George Fleming

Andy & Dick Fowler

Betsy & Steve Frazier

Emily & Patrick Funderburk

Elizabeth Gant

Michelle & Jason Glover

Laura & Eric Goulian

Nikiann & Matthew Gray

Amanda & Jim Harrell

John Hazelhurst

Sara Huddleston

Marilyn & Merrill Hunter

Gail & Gray Hutchinson

Shawn & Morgan Jackson

Gemimah Kerner

Catherine & William Kibbe

Raines & Warner Kuppin

Gail & Averette Lamm

Carolyn Leith

Randi Ligon

Cathy & Fred Littlejohn

Teresa Locus

Becky & John Logan

Lisa Lowe-Hall & Michael Hall

Walker & John Mabe

William McDaniel

Medalist Capital

Marjorie & Ron Menestres

Kelly & Brad Minsley

Lynne & Fred Misenheimer

Lisa Mize

Pansy Morton

Jeanne & Brad Murray

Lindsay & Mac Newsom

Rayna Nishimura

Noel Family Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

Audrey & Rich Pacca

Sandy & Winston Page

Bess Pitt

Janet Pittman

Suzanne & Chris Plunket

Drs. Shelby & Evan Pushchak

Gisele & Lawson Rankin

Vicky & Sam Ravenel

Ele & Will Roberts

Elizabeth & Mike Ross

Graham & Keith Satisky

Mary & Gerry Sibrack

Kate & George Simpson

Amie & Jason Sivon

Blair & Steve Smallman

Kathie Stronach

Caroline & Richard Sullivan

Katherine & William Teague Jr.

Rebecca Thompson

Tugboat Foundation Inc.

Vertical Walls

Christy & Todd Warrick

Carla & DJ Washinko

Nancy & Mike Weddington

Kathryn West

Mary Lillie & Charles Wilkins

Brenda Williams

Katherine & Murray Williams

Walker Wilson

Dr. Betty & William Witman

Judith Woodard

Jane & Sam Worley

Diana & Dr. Lawrence Yenni

Robert Zaytoun

In-Kind Donors



Comfort Mechanical Contractors

Custom Brick

Evolutionary Safety Resources

Gensler Architecture & Design

Heritage Property Management Inc.

Martin Marietta

Pinnacle Masonry

Smith Anderson Law Firm

Weatherspoon & Voltz LLP

Champion Our Children Leadership

Honorary Committee

Annette & Fred Anderson, Honorary Co-Chairs

Brenda & Ron Gibson, Honorary Co-Chairs

Janet & Wes Chesson

First Lady Kristin Cooper

Joy & Temple Sloan

Pam & Jeff Stocks

Anne & Robert Underwood

Carole & Brad Wilson

Steering Committee

Jennie Hayman, Co-Chair

Mary Brent Wright, Co-Chair

Virginia Anthony

Dr. Jerry Bernstein

Holly Blanton

Marisa Bryant

Dr. Margaret Douglas

Jill Gammon

Rick Guirlinger

Samantha Hatem

Clay Jackson

Chancy Kapp

Lyn Maness

Tricia & Stuart Phoenix

Anita Blomme Pinther

Megg & Robert Rader

Ken Smith

Beth & James Voltz

Whitney von Haam

The Construction Process

In just 10 months, from December 2022 to October 2023, a vine-covered lot at 2841 Kidd Road in Raleigh, donated to SAFEchild by WakeMed Health and Hospitals, was transformed as our beautiful 20,000-square-foot facility was purposefully constructed to serve the community.

Throughout construction, SAFEchild held several events at or near the site, including a groundbreaking celebration, a “topping off” celebration and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Videographer Nathan Head of aHead Media visited the site regularly during construction to shoot footage with a drone.

Video #1 – Jan. 26, 2023

Video #2 – March 23, 2023

Video #3 – May 17, 2023

Video #4 – July 31, 2023

Video #5 – Oct. 16, 2023

Wrap-up Video – Oct. 26, 2023

Our attention is now laser-focused on the future as we maximize our mission’s potential of protecting more children and guiding caregivers toward stronger, more resilient families in an increasingly complex world.