Moms Supporting Moms

Support and education for pregnant and postpartum women and their families

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

Call or text the Moms Supporting Moms non-emergency warmline at 910.898.2139 when you need support.

Moms Supporting Moms is for:

Pregnant/postpartum women and their partners looking for support and guidance through their baby’s first year and beyond.

Program focus:

Moms Supporting Moms supports and guides expectant and postpartum moms and their families. Participants may choose from any of the following services:

  • A weekly support group on Thursday evenings led by trained facilitators for moms experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD). Please note that a clinical diagnosis is not required. The group is online, but meets in person every first Thursday. Babies under 1 are welcome to attend the in-person group with their mom.
  • BABY (Birth And Beginning Years), a nine- to 10-week class using children’s literature to discuss navigating postpartum life, offered Tuesday mornings.
  • Frequent Black Mothers Matter Talks hosted by Black professionals.
  • A quarterly partner support group.
  • Regularly scheduled social meetups throughout the year.
  • Referrals to community resources and specialized therapists.

Program details:

  • Length – BABY is nine or 10 weeks on Tuesday mornings. Support groups are ongoing and are available as long as needed.
  • Location – Support groups are online or in person. BABY is in person at SAFEchild.
  • Cost – No charge

BABY (Birth And Beginning Years) is a nine- to 10-week class designed to encourage connection, attachment and bonding between new moms and their babies through literacy, education, self-care and community-building. In BABY, mothers will learn how to remain mentally and physically healthy as their baby grows.

BABY is for moms with a baby younger than 15 months. All new parents are welcome: birthing, adoptive, foster, grand, etc. Babies who are not yet mobile are encouraged to attend with their mom.

Registration is required and limited to 10 participants.

Program coordinator:

Krystal Grady, PMH-C; 919.232.5662

Please fill out a program registration form for yourself or someone you are referring to SAFEchild.

Important note for emergencies: If you or someone you know needs immediate medical attention due to extreme symptoms (suicidal thoughts or psychosis), call 911 or take the mother to the emergency room immediately. Postpartum psychosis is an extremely rare event that occurs in less than 1 percent of new mothers and is not to be confused with postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

Are you pregnant or newly postpartum?

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Here’s a great mental health screening and discussion tool for new parents from Postpartum Support International.

Our handy guide to the Period of PURPLE Crying (en español aquí) – the period from 6-8 weeks until about 5 months when babies cry more than any other time – includes an explanation of what it’s all about and tried-and-true soothing techniques.