Moms Supporting Moms
Madres Apoyando a Madres

Support and mentoring for pregnant and postpartum women and their families

Phone and text support for caregivers and their families is available
via a “warmline” at 910.898.2139

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

Tú no estás sola. Nosotros estamos aquí para ayudarte.

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Moms Supporting Moms is for:

Pregnant/postpartum women and their partners looking for support and guidance through their baby’s first year and beyond.

Program focus:

Moms Supporting Moms offers a multipronged approach to supporting and guiding expectant and postpartum moms and their families. Participants will choose which of the following services fit their needs the best:

  • A mentoring program pairs participating women with trained volunteers who are experienced moms themselves. Mom mentors offer guidance in understanding the baby’s needs, feeding, growth and development.
  • A weekly support group is available for moms experiencing mental health challenges. Please note that a clinical diagnosis is not required.
  • Phone and text support is also available.
  • Partners are encouraged to take advantage of a quarterly support group.
  • Participants receive referrals to community resources and specialized therapists.

Program details:

  • Length – Mom mentors meet or communicate with participating moms for the baby’s first year. Support groups are ongoing and are available as long as needed.
  • Location – At this time, support groups are fully online, and mentors communicate via phone calls, video chats and porch deliveries.
  • Additional support – call or text 910.898.2139
  • Cost – No charge

Please fill out a program registration form for yourself or someone you are referring to SAFEchild.

Important note for emergencies: If you or someone you know needs immediate medical attention due to extreme symptoms (suicidal thoughts or psychosis), call 911 or take the mother to the emergency room immediately. Postpartum psychosis is an extremely rare event that occurs in less than 1 percent of new mothers and is not to be confused with postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

Are you pregnant or newly postpartum?

Read this article on finding joy again after postpartum depression.

Use this Edinburgh screening tool (en español aquí) to assess whether you might have a perinatal mental health challenge. Please note this a tool only and does not result in a diagnosis – that is done by an appropriately trained health professional. .

Here’s a great mental health discussion tool for new parents from Postpartum Support International.

Our handy guide to the Period of PURPLE Crying (en español aquí) – the period from 6-8 weeks until about 5 months when babies cry more than any other time – includes an explanation of what it’s all about and tried-and-true soothing techniques.

Find important information about hospital procedures and tips for surviving the first few weeks at home during the pandemic in this webinar recording.

Listen to this podcast on pandemic-related challenges for pregnant and postpartum moms (advance to 18:08 to hear program coordinator Megan Roberts).

Madres Apoyando a Madres

Madres Apoyando a Madres es para madres de habla hispana:

Mujeres embarazadas/postparto que busquen apoyo y guía a través del primer año de su bebé y más allá.

Enfoque del programa:

Madres apoyando a madres ofrece un programa de mentoría que reúne a mujeres participantes con voluntarias capacitadas, quienes son madres experimentadas. Las madres mentoras ofrecen guía en el entendimiento de las necesidades del bebé, alimentación, crecimiento y desarrollo. Las participantes también reciben referencias a recursos comunitarios y terapeutas especializados.

Detalles del programa:

  • Longitud – Las madres mentores se reúnen o comunican con las madres participantes en el primer año del bebé. Los grupos de apoyo son continuos y están disponibles conforme se necesiten.
  • Ubicación – Por el momento, mentores se comunican vía teléfono, video y entregas a domicilio.
  • Apoyo adicional – Postpartum Support International (Apoyo Postparto Internacional): 1-800-944-4773
  • Costo – Sin cargos

Nota importante para emergencias: Si usted o alguien que conoce necesita atención médica inmediata debido a síntomas extremos (pensamientos de suicidio o psicosis), llame al 911 o tómese el tiempo para llevar a la madre a la sala de emergencias inmediatamente.

La psicosis postparto es un evento extremadamente raro que ocurre en menos de 1 porciento de nuevas madres y no se debe de confundir con estados de animo postparto y desórdenes de ansiedad.

Por favor complete un formulario para usted o para alguien a quien se refiere a Madres Apoyando a Madres.

Program Coordinator:

Megan Roberts, MA, MFA; 910.262.0326